Creative biography of Paulina Simutytė

Paulina Simutytė’s (b. 1991) creative spectrum is wide. Having a degree in musical theater (Vilnius
College, 2011–2014), she creates musical roles in various performances. The painting, which the artist
equates to the directing of visual theater, is dominated by abstractions that accompany associativity,
dreaminess, a unique interpretation of each observer. Travel and the works of K. G. Jung left deep traces
in Paulina’s visual work, revealing small hints, which later grew into big answers in the autoanalysis of

In painting, Paulina discovered a unique technique using canvas, acrylic and artificial light. Two main
colors are used – blue and yellow with a subtle pink tinge. When they merge with the light emanating
from the back of the painting, an unexpected depth, a changing perspective, detailed contrast, unexpected
shades are obtained.

The texture of the painting, which is determined by the thickness of the paint and the
layers of intertwined colors, is especially revealed. By mixing the colors of fire and water, green worlds
are created, which in the dark, by introducing a ray of light as a symbol, open the door of subconscious
perception more widely. The works created with this technique were presented in the art, light and sound
installation “Alchemy” (Vilnius, 2021).

The artist encourages a full experience of paintings with the paradoxical message “draw close while
moving away”. By detailing and meticulously analyzing the work, approaching it, one moves away from
the whole, but the interpretations of small strokes are revealed more widely. Conversely, as the details
move away, the composition of the painting appears and becomes clearer, much like the idea which
crystallizes in the words of the flow of consciousness.

In search of new creative methods, in recent years Paulina began painting with her own pigments
extracted from rock stones collected in the river, thus getting to know more closely the predominant color
gamut of a certain place.

In the field of applied arts, Paulina creates music album covers (Delasfera’s “Delasfera” [2021], Uprising
Tree’s “Rainbow People” [2017]). In collaboration with composer Andrius Šiurys, she creates graphic
scores (“It Feels Like I’m Driving Home” [2020], “Prayers from Noah’s Ark” [2019]). Recently Paulina
made her debut as a theater scenographer (performance “Kafka Insomnia”, dir. Ž. Vingelis, Kosmos
Theater and co-production of Kaunas City Chamber Theater, 2020).

In addition to the visual arts, Paulina sings and plays percussion instruments, also composes music and
lyrics with the groups Uprising Tree, Delasferos, lazy diamond’s underground.